The ground-breaking bluetooth beacon - An Open Source JavaScript microcontroller you can program wirelessly. No software needed so get started in seconds.

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Just got your Puck?

Proven Software

Puck.js uses the Espruino JavaScript Interpeter - now installed on over 20,000 devices, with thousands of users.

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With Web Bluetooth you can start programming straight out of the box - no wires or software required!

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Open Source

Puck.js's is Open Source (software and hardware), so it's easy for you to tweak its functionality or see how it works.

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Unique Hardware

Puck.js can measure light, temperature, magnetic fields and capacitance, can control Infrared devices, produce any colour light and has a clever tactile switch that turns the Puck into one big button.

We've carefully chosen sensors to make it as useful as possible, while keeping it affordable.

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